The most common type of tile

 There are very many materials that you can choose from starting from the vinyl to the porcelain and the ceramic to the stone. The type of tile you choose depends on the area in your home you are intending to use it on. 

Here are the most common used tiles.


These are the tiles which are clay based and they are normally red or white. The clay is purified after it is quarried and it is then dried out so as to make a powder. The powder that is formed is then injected into molds and then pressed before it is fired at a high temperature. These tiles are normally used as feature or wall tiles, they are very easy to cut as they are soft. These tiles do not need any special sealing or mantainance.

Natural stone

These are the ones which are created by nature. The stone blocks may be cut into desired sizes and shape and they can be finished in a number of ways. The texture and the color of the stone is random because they are natural products. The stones are sometimes filled to correct with natural defects and faults. If they are done in a correct way, they can blend in with a natural texture. 

Glass mosaic

This one is used for the shower walls, bathrooms and kitchens. These have got a range of products available on the market these days. These type of tiles do not need to be sealed nor do they need a regular mantainance.When you are ready for your tile to be cleaned by a carpet cleaning proffessional  call your local deep cleaning company,     

tile and grout

Composite stone 

These are tiles which are manufactured in china and Italy. They are mostly made from cement, stone, resins and other additives. The surfaces may be textured in some ways and it requires some mantainance. These type of tiles needs to be sealed and maintained regularly because it is damaged if it is exposed to UV lights.