Why clean a dryer vent system

Why clean a dryer vent system To avoid lower efficiency

Too much fluff in the dryer vent makes the dryer to work much harder than usual. This means that the dryer is performing hard than it was made to work. This subjects the dryer to strenuous situation and will eventually perform less efficiently. In this regard, it takes much longer for clothing to dry while the dryer heats up to higher temperatures. These high temperatures can be dangerous to the outer pigment of your skin as it may be damaged on exposure. Extra efficiency is achieved if the cleaning is done in the recommended manner and time. Manufactures normally inscribe the time that the dryer vent is due for cleaning.

Danger of fire breakout

Cleaning dryers makes a user safe from incidences of fire at home. A typical dryer normally has a lint trap that is able to trap about sixty percent of the lint produced. The other forty percent goes up the dryer vent system and accumulation is a real fire hazard. According to firefighters across the world, a good percentage of house fires cases they handle are because of lint build up in a dryer vent system. Nevertheless, the fighters minimally link these fires to electrical faults in the dryer vent system but most of the cases are because of presence of lint. In most cases, most of the dryer vents are confined inside the walls, crawl space or floor joist. This poses a problem because when a fire starts, it may not be noticed quickly as compared to fires that occur in an open place. This can be avoided by just taking some time to have the vents cleaned. Hire a pro for this type of cleaning.

Conclusively, the above are the most crucial reasons as to why having a dryer vent cleaned out is a good idea. Individuals who own dryers should take note of the above-mentioned reasons to avoid inconveniences.